Players Going to Brazil present in Elora. Gerdien & Gerrit Dykman; Marlene & Jim Corbeil; Bernice & Norm Lindsay; Ann & Evan Engell, and Myrna Bilton.

Elora is a community in the township of Centre Wellington, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada. It is well known for its 19th-century limestone architecture and after to-day, SHUFFLEBOARD. 

Shirley Bryan ‘Taste of Delight”

Presidents Bilton, Bilton and Corbeil.

The Amateur component of the event will windup to-day, Wednesday, June 14th.  I expect to have the results. Myrna Bilton reports that “A good deal of laughter” was evident on Day 1.  She also reported that Shirley Bryan’s homemade Soup was WELL RECEIVED!!  Other members donate the pies and tarts!!  (Look what I have missed!!)  18 Amateur Teams Participated on Monday.

Re pic at Top.  Other Canadians going to Brazil:  Also, no pic; Melva Jones.

Art and Dorothy Healy

Henry and Linda Armstrong

Colleen Brodie

Yvon Lauzier





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