Allen Dronsfield of ND Reports on the “Summer Rotationals”. 2017 06 15.

Allen Dronsfield Speaks:  Another week of Summer Rotationals in the Northern District is now completed.

The Myklejords, Dean and Nancy, of the CD support the ND.

Roger Brown 1st

23 people showed up today and we again mixed the amateur’s with the pro’s. Like the Central District this week we also had an amateur come out on top. Roger Brown who came out of the woodwork to play this week got all the right partners and ran the table with 5 wins. We also had Gary McLaughlin show up as he and Sue have been up north and traveling out west. Jack Wooten made it today as he has had a busy schedule of late.  We also thank Dean and Nancy Myklejord for coming up, it definitely helped our numbers out.

George Fisher the coordinator of our summer rotational also paid tribute to Jerry Schultz who just passed away on Sunday.

Next week we move to Tavares and as usual registration closes at 8:15.

Here are the results from today’s event..

1st. Roger Brown – Leesburg – 5 wins

2nd. Al Dronsfield – Tavares – 4 wins

3rd. Jack Wooten – Mid Fl. Lakes – 4 wins

4th. Gary McLaughlin – Hawthorne – 4 wins

5th. Lee Newell – Hawthorne – 4 wins

Reported by Al Dronsfield

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1 Response to Allen Dronsfield of ND Reports on the “Summer Rotationals”. 2017 06 15.

  1. al dronsfield says:

    Thanks Stan, I must be entering the pictures of the winners in the wrong place, then again yahoo doesn’t give me that choice. I have entered the winners pictures the last two weeks but they aren’t making the headlines.The pictures have been further down the post. Thanks  Al


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