Betmar is one of Shuffleboard’s Premier Facilities!!

Betmar  hosts open Shuffle on Tuesday evening at 6:30; everyone is welcome. 

We play three 12 frame games and play all of the frames with the intention of everyone finishing at about the same time.  During the Season, Betmar is host to many very important tournaments and as a private Club, the chance to play these courts is limited.  Come Tuesday evenings and get the jump on the competition, so come join us!

Earl  Ball.   2017 06 21

Post Script: 
Betmar has 24 covered and enclosed courts and hosts many high profile Tournaments.  Betmar has been host to players from around the nation and around the world.  The club is very successful with membership in the high 200s yearly.  It’s also home to a number of the sport’s most successful players and the pipe line is refilling with a fine group of new, up and coming players.  The club is able to be responsible for all costs associated with the facility thanks to the income received from the outstanding lunches served at tournaments and their aluminum recycling program.

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1 Response to Betmar is one of Shuffleboard’s Premier Facilities!!

  1. Earl Ball says:

    Good Job Jeff. Always interested in what’s happening in Hendersonville.


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