Hendersonville Tournament #3   June 20 & June 21 Draw Doubles

Asa Lett and Sandi Quinn in 1st place!!

Tournament #3   June 20 & June 21   Draw Doubles

Sponsored by:  Horizon Heating & Air Conditioning and

Half Way Tree Mobile Home Park 

Main Event:

  1. Sandi Quinn – Asa Lett
  2. Pat Knapp – Ray Lawson
  3. Gail Chase – Al Buffum
  4. Cathy Lawson – Warren King 


  1. Dorie Baker – Harold Thorne
  2. Lynda King – Wayne Rose
  3. Jan Thyssen – Tom Eastman
  4. Harriet Gleason – Stan Quinn 
  5. No. of teams:  15

Tournament Director:  Lynda King.  Lynda Speaks: REMINDERS: We have a busy couple of weeks coming up here at Hendersonville shuffle club. Don’t forget about the single mingles on Friday, 8:30 sharp. Then on Saturday we have the Board Meeting at 10:00 a.m. and the General Meeting at 11:00, followed by Hoss Collar in the afternoon. Then on MONDAY, June 26th we will have a draw doubles. On Wednesday evening at 5:00 p.m. we will be having our first pot luck of this season. On THURSDAY, June 29 is the Club Singles tournament. On MONDAY, July 3rd is the Club Doubles, followed by the Club Mixed doubles on THURSDAY, July 6th.
We had a good turn out at Hen Dough last evening. We appreciate all who help support our sponsors as they support us. 

Sent along by Harold Thorne with THANKS!!  (Posted by Stan McC. 2017 06 21.)


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