2017 Tournament Schedule for Hendersonville “Corrected”!!

Message just received from Sandi Quinn, immediate Past President of the US NSA, and active member of the Hendersonville Club.

Two Great Singers!! Sandi Quinn and Glen Peltier. Pic by Stan. Click

I thought this was taken care of last fall, but evidently not? Once again the Hendersonville page, page 106 of the 2016-2017 Preview, and the National page, page 110,  differ in the dates of the National, and probably State, tournaments to be played in Hendersonville this fall.   Could you please put a notice on your shuffle web sites to say that the Hendersonville page, page 106, is CORRECT, and the National page tournament schedule for Hendersonville, page 110, is WRONG

Correct Dates are below:

NC State Dbls. (M/L) . . . . Mon., Aug. 28th

NC State Sngls. (M/L) . . . . Thurs., Aug. 31st

NC State Mixed Dbls. . . . . Mon., Sept. 4th  (new)

National Dbls. (M/L) . . . . Thurs., Sept. 7th

National Sngls. (M/L) . . . . Mon., Sept. 11th

National Mixed Dbls. . . . . Thurs., Sept.14th

Stan Speaks: I suggest you copy this info. OR, take note of the “address”.   2017 06 22.

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