Goderich ON: A Super Small Town to Visit, will host an OSA Tournament; Details Below

Goderich Farmers Have Pride

I will begin by sharing with you just a little about the great countryside in “Ontario’s West Coast!”

When one travels in this part of Ontario you are informed that you are in “Ontario’s West Coast”. Geographically, indeed you are in Ontario’s West Coast!! Specifically you cannot go further west without either going north or entering the waters of Lake Huron. Metaphorically Lake Huron is Ontario’s Pacific Ocean!

This area is blessed with green pastures; blessed with famers that not only keep their fences clear, but also maintain their properties to the “nth degree”. It is rural Ontario at its very best!! We saw fields of sheep; cattle grazing and of course at this time of year, the hay fields are green, ready for a second cut, and the grains are beginning to turn their golden colours.  Another attractive feature, no commercial signs were evident along the road!! A wise decision by whoever; adds to the natural setting AND of course makes driving safer!!   

We have told you that Goderich itself has been declared Canada’s Prettiest Town. Believe me, from my perspective, the label is fully justified!! From the “Court House Town Square” to the wonderful beach of Lake Huron with its Board Walk, full of Flowers, shrubbery, trees, and best of all, people!!

Amateur June 27, 28. Open June 28, 29.
Location: Memorial Arena, 180 McDonald St., Goderich ON N7A 1N7
Lunch Available
Camper Parking: 6 spaces available on site.
Contact: Al Weeks – aweeks55@hotmail.com – 519-524-1632
or Jim Howard – jimbodaisy@juno.com – 519-524-5038

Stan McCormack.  2017 06 25.

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