Zephyrhills Hosts a Mingles/Singles 2017 06 29. 16 Pros; 17 Ams.


Earl Ball

Pauline Murphy

Earl Ball took the day off from the golf course to play the Mingles/Singles Championship tournament at the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club on June 29th.  He played well enough to win the tournament; that in and of itself wouldn’t surprise many but the fact that his mixed doubles partner skinned him alive in the final match is the real story.  Pauline Murphy, from the Zephyrhills Club and the Central District’s top new female Pro his committed to play the Pro Circuit Mixed Doubles with Earl this fall: she gave him a taste of what to expect from her ability.  When asked about the wuppin, Ball replied “can’t wait” for the new season!

Jerry Branham

Gary Merrifield

In the Amateur Division Jerry Branham of the Zephyrhills Club won the Championship which also would surprise nobody; he’s that good but the real story was the 3rd place finisher Gary Merrifield.  Gary is a golfer but is looking for something that will challenge him and he is a natural at Shuffleboard and to quote Gary “ his playing partners are jealous but really hope he does well at Shuffleboard so he stops taking their money”.

Sent along by Earl Ball WITH THANKS!!  2017 06 29.

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