Breaking News From the Coldwater ON Shuffleboard Club. 2017 06 29

Celebrating 150 Years as a Nation!

Coldwater Shuffleboard is enjoying another successful year with an average of 12 full courts in play every Tue and Thu. 

Club Membership is now well in access of 100 members; the Club is one of the only Canadian Shuffleboard Clubs to host a league for Special Needs players.

Cake by Barb Pipher!!

Cupcakes by Ella Smith

Today, June 29th, 2017, the players wore the traditional red and white colours to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.  After three rounds of action the players were treated in the Clubhouse  to a large Canada 150th birthday cake and cupcakes all decorated in red and white .  Both the cake and cupcakes were compliments of two of the long time member families of the club.

The court lines have all had a fresh coat of paint and a Nela Seal covering over the entire 16 court surfaces, carried out in preparation for the CNSA doubles tournament the Club will be hosting July 18 /19 /20.
The Club is having their ever popular banquet on  Tue evening July 18 beginning at 5:00pm  and it is being catered by ELM!!   Most shufflers will remember Larry Lalonde, that unforgettable caterer from the ISA Tournament in Midland.   Tickets can be picked up at the door but advance reservations are suggested by calling George O’Reilly   705 325 3429  or  Janice Archer
Coldwater always has plenty of free parking for RV’s and there are several excellent Motels in Midland and Orillia and each just 15 km from Coldwater.
President George O’Reilly says there is big money from the sponsors for the winning teams this year and an additional $200.00 will be added  to this from the Coldwater Club .
A well known Trumpet player and former member of the Bobby Jimby band and Glen Miller Tribute Orchestra  will be providing the National anthems to officially open the tournament .  (Stan speaks: That in itself makes me want to go!!)
Lunch is available each day of the tournament .
Sent along by Gary Pipher WITH THANKS!!  2017 06 29.


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1 Response to Breaking News From the Coldwater ON Shuffleboard Club. 2017 06 29

  1. Mary Mueller says:

    I would like info re how you pay for your shuffling during the summer. We have nothing like that in Brockville with a population of 22000. Some time ago we wanted to rent one of the arenas but it would have cost us $500! To use the J’s track would have cost the Sr Games $200 for one hour. And so it goes here in Brockville. Advice please.


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