Art and Dorothy Healy Have Shuffled Their Way to Rio de Janeiro!!

Renfrew Shufflers Demonstrate Their Support of Art and Dorothy Healy

Newspaper Article in the Renfrew Mercury:

SHUFFLE OFF TO RIO!  – Renfrew – To many of us, especially those not spending their winter in the southern climes, floor shuffleboard is a game reserved for the decks of cruise ships, a leisure activity for seniors to stay active, to socialize and to socialize more, and that is good!!   

However; to Art Healy and his wife Dorothy, shuffleboard is a way of life.
  They both shuffle 3 days a week while in Florida, AND at least two days a week in Canada during the summer.  Of course, regular practise in on top of that!! Their permanent residence is Brockville, ON; their winter residence is Lakeland FL.  Every Wednesday during the summer they shuffle in Brockville, ON; every Thursday in Gananoque, ON.   But truly, that is not quite enough for the Healys!  To-day, Tuesday, they made the 2-hour drive to Renfrew to enjoy the company of the shufflers of the Champlain Senior Centre, 164 Argyle St.  Renfrew shufflers are shown in the photo, enthusiastically extending their support to the Healys!!  On July 22nd, the couple will be off to Rio de Janeiro Brazil to represent Canada in the 36th World Shuffleboard Championship!!  They will compete against shufflers from Australia, Brazil, Germany, Norway, Japan, the UK and the USA. 

The Annual World Championship of Shuffleboard is a very competitive event; it was last held in Brazil in 2005.  In 2018 it will be in High River Alberta. There is a good deal of strategy to the game. You must be intense and focused to be successful. Following 5 days of competition on the courts, the shufflers will spend two days enjoying the many wonderful sites of Rio de Janeiro.   Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer will be included in the tour. 

The night of arrival in Rio, there will be a warm welcoming, an opportunity to renew your friendship with shufflers from the competing nations.  This “Meet and Greet” is followed by two major banquets during the week; the 1st to acknowledge shufflers who have excelled either at supporting shuffleboard or performing with distinction on the courts.  The 2nd, the Closing Banquet is to acknowledge the winners of the week, and to present corresponding medals.

If Shuffleboard and associated travel interests you, drop into the Champlain Senior Centre, 164 Argyle St, Renfrew, any Tuesday at one o-clock.  Watch the action; if you have questions, we will try and answer them for you.   

Stan McCormack. 2017 07 02

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3 Responses to Art and Dorothy Healy Have Shuffled Their Way to Rio de Janeiro!!

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    See you soon Art and Dorothy in Brazil
    Safe travels


  2. wilmamc127 says:

    Great article Stan.


  3. stanistheman says:

    Thanks so very much Wilma!! Stan


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