“Run Up” to the 36th ISA in Brazil: Article 2. Current Serving President! Bernar Borges.

Bernar Carries the Flag of Brazil in Midland, 2007

Bernar into ISA Hall of Fame in 2016!!

Born in June 1990 in the city of Niteroi (next to Rio de Janeiro), Bernar Borges met shuffleboard in early 2005 when the club where his father was the vice president was contacted by the ABS to host the 24th ISA World Cup. Since then, Bernar, along with his father, Antonio Borges, started playing shuffleboard twice a week at Luiz Pimentel’s particular court, located in Niteroi as well. Together with soccer and table tennis, shuffleboard became his favorite sport. And at the end of the year, Bernar was already competing on equal terms to the more experienced players from Brazil.

His first appearance in an international competition was in Midland, Ontario, Canada, in 2007. The 17-year-old player awarded a plaque from experienced teammate Marcos Cardoso for being the best Brazilian finisher, with 9.5 wins out of 16 games. He also got the first Sportsmanship Player Award, presented by Beth and Jim Allen. Bernar received as well, ABS President Michael Zellner’s “Special Black Fox” Award, for outstanding contribution to the Brazilian team during an international competition.

His second international appearance was in Hohenroda, Germany, in August 2010. Bernar was the best Brazilian finisher, along with Michael Zellner and Hernani Barcellos.

Currently ranked 27th in the official ISA Ranking (best Brazilian), Bernar will be competing for the first time in the World Singles, in Dieppe. Additionally, this is the first ISA event in which he will participate together with his father.  Bernar Borges, July 18th 2011

Stan Speaks:  We might have titled this article: From Flag Bearer in 2007, to HALL OF FAMER IN 2016!!   Posted on 2017 07 03.

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