Hendersonville North Carolina Shuffleboard Club: 2017 07 03 and 04 

Hendersonville, North Carolina Shuffleboard Club

Club Championship Doubles M/L July 3 & 4, 2017

Men’s Division:  The Texas boys of summer did it again; Warren King and Stan Quinn won their third in a row doubles club championship.

1st Men; Warren King and Stan Quinn.

1.  Warren King – Stan Quinn
2.  Ray Lawson – Ed O’Neal
3.  Asa Lett – Dave Wenger
4.  Larry Lumsden – Wally Thyssen

1st Cons. Men Jay and Tom

1.  Tom Eastman – Jay Fitzpatrick
2.  John Klinger – Ed Parker
3.  Norm Willems – Jeff Luneau
4.  John Knapp – Charlie Gleason
Ladies Division

1st Ladies: Pat Knapp and Betty Loveland.

1.  Pat Knapp – Betty Loveland
2.  Linda King – Carol Lumsden
3.  Dorie Baker – Jeanne Wenger
4.  Gail Chase – Cathy Lawson

1st Cons. Joyce Radcliffe and Jan Thyssen

1.  Jan Thyssen – Joyce Radcliffe

Tournament Director:  Sandi Quinn

Teams:  Men – 8     Ladies:  5

Sponsors:  Lakewood RV Park and Freeman Coleman Auto Sales

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2 Responses to Hendersonville North Carolina Shuffleboard Club: 2017 07 03 and 04 

  1. Sandi Quinn says:

    After 20 winters in south TX, Stan is no longer a ‘TX Boy’ . . . we are permanent residents of Hendersonville, NC now, and so glad to be! Congrats to all!! It’s sad that we have lost so many women members the last two years, but we all still have a wonderful time and would love to see more shufflers join in our summer fun.


  2. stanistheman says:

    Reblogged this on Your Source for Shuffleboard News and commented:

    Look Back 3 Years to Hendersonville!!


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