“Run Up” to the 36th ISA in Brazil: Article 3. History + Hope You Enjoy!!

2005 ISA in Niteroi, Brazil. All Shufflers. Michael and Joe in front.

Michael Zellner was exposed to the game of shuffleboard by his grandfather as a teenager while spending some time in the city.  When he retired from the US Military after 21 years of service, Michael headed for Brazil. Before beginning his adventure, he dropped into Allen R. Shuffleboard Company in Seminole, Florida, just to get some information.   After a 2-hour conversation with the Sam Allen himself, Michael left with 4 cues, a set of discs, a book titled “Those Capricious Discs”, a scoreboard, the FSA rules, a bag of plastic beads and a set of blueprints for building a cement court.

Brazil’s (Michael’s) first two Courts!!

Michael never saw it coming! He was in deep and didn’t realize it! Michael had been bitten by the bug and exposed to the disease. Immediately upon settling in Brazil, he constructed 2 courts on a residential community in the mountains in the State of Sao Paulo where he maintained a weekend home. That was in January 1996 and he immediately began teaching anyone who showed an interest in the game. A few months later, in November, Michael together with his first Brazilian students founded the Brazilian Shuffleboard Association (ABS). As founder and first President, Michael chose Luiz Pimentel, his most enthusiastic and promising pupil, as his Vice-President.  (Click on any pic to expand.)

Brazil Team of 1997 in Hendersonville. NC

In August 1997, with the direct assistance of then ISA President John Barnett, Brazil proudly brought the first team to compete in the ISA World Shuffleboard Championship in Hendersonville, NC.  Luiz was so excited that just after coming back to his town he started building an official concrete shuffleboard court, at his home, in Niteroi, state of Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil Teams of 2005. 24th ISA in Niteroi

After organizing the Inaugural Tournament in 2002, the ABS successfully hosted the 24th ISA World Championship in 2005, which took place at the AABB Club, in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro.


Brazil Men’s Team in Midland, ON in 2007

Proudly, Brazil has competed in almost every ISA event since 1997, finishing 3rd in Midland ON in 2007, and has three players inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame: Michael Zellner, Luiz Pimentel and Marcos Cardoso.

In 2010, Brazilian President Michael Zellner was unanimously elected to the position of President of the International Shuffleboard Association and subsequently turned over the reins of the ABS to Luiz Pimentel.

Bernar places 3rd in the Dieppe ISA of 2011

Luiz and Michael, both in the ISA Hall of Fame.

Marcos into the ISA HOF

Bernar into ISA HOF





Article put together by Bernar, Michael and Stan. 2017 07 04.

Stan speaks: In 2005, a team comprised 12 Players with 8 playing at any one time.  Not all teams came with the complete compliment of 12 players.

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3 Responses to “Run Up” to the 36th ISA in Brazil: Article 3. History + Hope You Enjoy!!

  1. Jim Allen says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgqqSdLUL4k&t=20s Its nice to go back to Brazil this month and enjoy the benefits of the seeds Michael planted in Brazil!


  2. stanistheman says:

    Be sure and watch Jim’s presentation on You Tube!! Thanks Jim. Had I known of the presentation, I would have provided the link in the article!!! Stan 2017 07 04.


  3. stanistheman says:

    Reblogged this on Your Source for Shuffleboard News and commented:

    LOOK BACK!! Great Story About Michael Zellner!! Have a Read!!!


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