5th IP Begins this Monday, 2017 07 10! We Give You the ON Teams, AND the NS Teams!

Doug and Marlene Cowling; Prime Movers of the 5th Canadian IP in Moose Jaw SK

To gain a better appreciation of the Cowlings, click: 2W West Marlene Cowling    3M West Doug Cowling

David and Glenna

Jim and Rose Irwin

Lorraine and Ivan Layton

Nova Scotia will NOT have full teams, at least not from NS!!  The Earles and the Irwins will be joined by the Laytons and Eileen Melnyk and Harold West from SK to represent NS!!   Both Ivan and Lorraine are extremely active supporters of shuffleboard in the ND of FL.  Click on link to see their involvement with the SSA: SSA Report of 2005; Ivan Layton President.

We Give You The Names of the ON IP Players Participating in the 5th IP (Inter Provincial) beginning in Moose Jaw SK on July 10th, 2017.

Ladies yellow.                         Ladies    Green

Marlene Corbeil.                 Bev Fowler
Barb Howard.                      Jane Chalmers
Lenore Holder                     Joy Sinclair
Marg Gardner.                    Gloria Ramage

Men’s yellow.                     Men’s Green

Jim Corbeil.                       Carl Rogerson
Jim Howard                       Don Chaimers
John Holder.                     Trevor Colby
Richard Harrison.            Brian Fitzpatrick

Go here to SEE the Alberta Teams Participating: https://theshuffler.net/2017/05/11/a-to-alberta-they-have-selected-and-announced-their-teams-for-the-5th-interprovincial/

Posted by Stan McCormack.  2017 07 05.


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