Holland MI Sends Along The Results!! 2017 07 05.


Holland MI Crowd


Another beautiful day on the courts.  Today Holland hosted their tournament.  A nice turn-out with 30 players & 15 teams.  Thank you, Holland Club. Sharon Olmstead  ..director

                      MAIN                                                                      CONSOLATION
1st   Richard Stimer & Jerry Deren                                1st   Don Casselman & Shirley McCullough
2nd   John Hoeksema & Janet Casselman                                2nd  Roger Busscher & Carl Olmstead
3rd   Bob Heyboer & George Rosema                                       3rd   Neal Baum & Bruce Herschleb
4th   Bob Carr & Larry Roan                                                      4th   Rick Yates & Art Listopad
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3 Responses to Holland MI Sends Along The Results!! 2017 07 05.

  1. dandmnoble says:

    Awwww, what a great Pic!!! Miss you all in Michigan. ~ Marti Noble


  2. Earl Ball says:

    Love it!
    Keep it going.


  3. stanistheman says:

    Reblogged this on Your Source for Shuffleboard News and commented:

    3 Years ago, the Holland MI Club hosted this event!!! Check it out. Thanks to Sharon Olmstead. Stan


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