36th ISA Report #6: The Tuesday Report From Niteroi, Rio, Brazil in 2005.

Very Happy, Enthusiastic Japanese Lady Shufflers.  IN THE LEAD!!  See chart below!!

The Tuesday Report From Niteroi, Rio, Brazil.

For Breakfast!!

Tuesday was actually our 1st full day of competition, and full it was.  Many were down for breakfast at 06:00, even though the official opening for breakfast is 06:30.  As we have informed you earlier, breakfast in Brasil (the correct spelling in Portuguese) is a treat.  Some are getting to enjoy the “half and half” coffee, real strong coffee with hot milk added.  Fruits abound and of course we continue to have the traditional bacon and eggs as well as cereal.  (Click on any pic to expand.)

Tuesday Morning

As the 1st games begin at 08:30 it was essential that those participating at this time be on the 1st Bus.  To be kind to those who were late arriving, we experienced some confusion as a result of their untimely arrival.  Do hope we now have this sorted out.  Unlike many previous ISA Events, once we depart from our Hotel for the Club, we remain at the Club until activities end that evening.  We lunch, we have our dinner there, and we have entertainment following dinner. 

To-day was no exception.  We have posted the end of day results; and we did tell you at that time that the Japanese Women are in the lead.  They are overjoyed by this fact and openly demonstrate their joy for all to share.  We have posted a couple of pix which clearly demonstrate that.  See the pic at the top to see Happiness on the Faces of the Japanese >> AND Jim Allen, who, like all of us was cheering for the Japanese Women!! 

The ISA Board was served a Brazilian Style BBQ in the Club BBQ Pit ~~ high up the hill at the Club.  Indeed it was a new experience with a variety of tasty food.  Michael supplied some Brazilian Red Wine and we put it to good use by offering a number of toasts. 

ISA President Joe Messier

The General Meeting followed.  President Joe did an overview of activities of the ISA as seen by him.  He announced to the General Meeting that the nomination to the ISA Hall of Fame of John Weston, President of the CNSA, and Cecil Messier, Secretary of the ISA, had been approved, and that their Induction would take place at the next ISA Event.  Max Tate, 1st VP of the CNSA, made a presentation regarding Canada hosting the 25th ISA in the province of Alberta.  The event is planned to take place mid-way between the two major cities of Alberta, Calgary and Edmonton,  thus providing the opportunity for participants to experience as much additional enjoyment as they wish.  The 2007 event will take place sometime during the 1st 3 weeks of July, 2007.  Many reading this will be aware of the many and varied tourist opportunities available in Alberta ~~ from adventure of the Calgary Stampede, “The Greatest Show on Earth”, to the West Edmonton Mall, “The Largest Shopping Mall in the World”, and of course the natural beauty of Banff and Jasper National Parks, both within reasonable driving distance.  Why not check these items out by “searching the web”.  At the conclusion of the Meeting we boarded our bus and made the trip back to our hotel.  Most went to bed, yours truly went to work to transmit material to THE SHUFFLER!!  Stan and Alf of THE SHUFFLER.  Stan in Rio, Alf in Sarnia, ON.  2005 09 20



               WINS           LOSSES 

BRAZIL        15             35

CANADA        26             20

UNITED NAT.   26             22

USA           31             21                   


BRAZIL        10             40

CANADA        28             18

JAPAN         31             17

USA           29             23 

The race is a whole lot tighter as we complete play on Tuesday!!  Remember, all teams will play the same # of matches.  We did have some significant surprises on the Courts to-day!! One significant pleasant surprise is the standing of the Women’s Team for Japan!!  Such a happy group you never did see???  Tomorrow, Wednesday, is tour day.  Stay tuned Stan in Rio!! 2005 09 20

Stan 2017 07 07


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