Australia Players Are Prepared; are Enthusiastic. Watch For Them in Rio!!


From L to R; Marj Govett, Ian Reiher, Pauline Hoare, John Korevaar and Shirley Korevaar.

The photo above is of the Australian Shufflers heading to Rio for the 36th ISA!

27th ISA AU Players. Click on pic.

The photo at top was taken at the corner of the Shuffleboard courts at Coolangatta with the Coral Sea which is part of the Pacific Ocean in the background.  I searched my archives and found this pic of the full Australian compliment of the 27th ISA of 2008, taken in the very same spot.  Those of you who attended the 27th will remember the magnificent view from the Courts, the Courts on the roof top in Coolangatta; will remember the magnificent event!!  (Click once on the pic to expand; now click again; you will be able to move the pic to see a close up.)

Rio will be the 14th ISA for Ian and Marj; the 7th for the Korevaars and the 6th for Pauline.  I am sure I speak for all Shufflers when I congratulate each of the Aussies in recognition of their LOYAL SUPPORT of Shuffleboard!!  Each brings something special from down under!!

Posted by Stan McCormack.  2017 07 07.


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4 Responses to Australia Players Are Prepared; are Enthusiastic. Watch For Them in Rio!!

  1. stanistheman says:

    Cecile Messier Wish we were there with you. We were their twice. We certainly had a great time, and know that you will too. Good 😊 Luck to all of you, and that comes from an American.


  2. Michael Zellner says:

    Looking forward to once again shuffling with my great Australian friends. I’ll never forget John Korevaar sleeping all night and boarding the departing bus and then the airplane with his Silver Medal around his neck since the moment I hung it there. I believe Australia’s first medal in ISA competition as well.


  3. stanistheman says:

    I remember that!! Thanks Michael!! Stan


  4. Jim Allen says:

    Just a great bunch of people – can’t wait to see them all in Brazil in just 2 weeks! Great memories of past events, and no doubt we are about to make some more !

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