36th ISA Report #7: The Wednesday Report From Niteroi, Rio, Brazil in 2005.

Japanese Lady Shufflers at Christ the Redeemer Monument!! Great Shot!!


Expectations were high as we set out on our Travel Day!!  Our Brazilian hosts had a great day planned for us and we eagerly set out on our journey immediately after breakfast. 

Christ the Redeemer Overlooks Rio de Janeiro

To reach our 1st point of interest we had to travel by bus from Niteroi into Rio de Janeiro.  Atop a mountain overlooking the harbour stands the statute of Christ the Redeemer (Christhe Redeemer)!!  This monument was inaugurated on the day of Our Lady of Aparaecida, October, 1931.  The head and arms were assembled in France and shipped to Rio.  The main body was constructed on site by the local population with many participating by carrying stones up the mountain to be incorporated into the massive “body”.  It is indeed a magnificent site and it has served as a beacon for those returning to the harbour; seen by many as the image of faith and friendliness.  It is referred to as “THE WONDER OF RIO” by local residents.  It stands on the top of 710 meter Corcovado Mountain; the monument itself is 38 meters.  At the time of our visit the top of the monuments was “moving in and out of fog” which prevented a totally unobstructed view.  It did however; add a spiritual effect.  There is now a train which takes tourists to a reasonable walking distance from the monument. 


Snacks on the summit of Sugar Loaf!! Beautiful Day; Beautiful Scenery.

We also visited “SUGAR LOAF” which is a Cable Car ride to the top of another high point overlooking the Rio Harbour.  The Cable Car opened in 1912. It was the 1st Cable Car of Brazil and the 3rd in the world.  As of the 90th anniversary ~~ 2002, the Cable Car has attracted 31 million tourists.  It is a breathtaking ride as you ascend to the top.  We did have a bit of a surprise when we arrived as we were expecting a restaurant ~~ only to find an outlet for sandwiches, chips, beer and ice cream!!!!   Michael dug deep as many of us “ate up”!!  The plus side was that as we dined on our patio, we could look out over the city and the harbour of Rio!!  All enjoyed the ride.  (Click on pix to expand.)

Prior to my trip I read in a travel magazine that Rio is being called “the New Paris” ~~ a compliment indeed!!  The area which contributes to this fashion label is “IPANEMA”.  And yes we toured this area extensively by motor bus.  This sophisticated district offers a lively night life scene with an enticing blend of beach, bars and boutiques.  A major attraction throughout the day, its sands also welcome countless after-dark visitors including joggers and other athletes.  We observed young adults both practising and playing soccer, the national sport of Brazil.  IPANEMA reflects the Carioca spirit of the people of Rio, welcoming visitors to join in. 

In summary, Rio is the focus of the travel industry in Latin America and unique in terms of its history and the contagious fun of its residents!!  The Brazilians participating in the International exemplified  this joi de vivre!! They made us welcome ~~ and if you did not have a great experience, it certainly was not because of any shortcoming on their part. Thank you to each and every Brazilian Participant and of course a special thanks to those who helped in any way to organize the event. Here is a Great Slide Show:https://photopeach.com/album/g2p8jy   

We dined in down town Rio and plans were to take in the “Flea Market”.  However; rain interfered with that plan ~~~ to the extreme delight of many.  It had been a very long day and each of us was well aware that another busy day awaited us on Thursday.  Most of us “fell into our beds” about 23:00 hrs. 

Stan in Rio; Alf in Sarnia: THE SHUFFLER 2005 09 21.

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