ND Reports on their “Rotationals” by Allen Dronsfield. 2017 07 08

The Northern District again held they’re summer rotational’s this Thursday. This week it was held at Leesburg, this will be the last week for Leesburg to host and last week it was Hawthorne’s last week. The summer rotational’s is a 15 week series held alternately 5 weeks at each club, Hawthorne, Leesburg and Tavares. Next Thursday ends the summer rotational’s at Tavares.
As we typically have seen the numbers decline in the central district they have also done much the same in the northern district.
This week there were 11 pro’s and 11 amateur’s at Leesburg and probably won’t be many more at Tavares next week.
This week was a repeat performance by amateur Roger Brown, again Roger ran the table with 5 wins but in a three way tie in first place as far as wins go. The tie breaker of course was the points and Roger out pointed them.
Here are the results;

Roger Brown 1st

1st. –  Roger Brown – Leesburg – Amateur – 5 wins – 290 points
2nd. –  Carol Helfer – Leesburg – Pro – 5 wins – 247 points
3rd. – George Fisher – Hawthorne – Pro – 5 wins – 240 points
4th. –  Dave Martin – Tavares – Amateur – 4 wins – 177 points
5th. – Tom Allen – Clermont – Amateur – 4 wins – 163 points

Again next week is at Tavares, registration closes at 8:15

Reported by Allen Dronsfield 2017 07 08

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