36th ISA Report #8: The Thursday Report From Niteroi, Rio, Brazil

Don’t Ever Tell Me Everyone Must Speak The Same Language to COMMUNICATE!!!


SETTING THE STAGE:  I thought it would be revealing to talk to the people gathered pool side after the end of shuffling on Thursday which is actually the 3rd day of Shuffling.  (Wednesday was a Travel Day) Each of the  speakers had been celebrating ~~ albeit only a little, as we relaxed in preparation for dinner.  Gathered at the table were the Tates, the Normans, the Cowells, Ron Williams, Grace Lintz, and Lois and Stan.  If you check the “end of day” results you will see that the tournament is close, very close, and still far to close to call.  Every person at the table recognized that but no person could resist the opportunity to have a little fun!!

I had stimulated the conversation by making the statement that “on paper” the American Men had the strongest team; that they had more “raw talent” than the Canadians!!” 

Roy Norman

Roy Norman responded: “I think Stan that what is going to happen is that it will be like a Hollywood script; the good guys start off, they get knocked around and eventually they come through in the end riding high, quick on the draw.”

Stan; “a la John Wayne” sort of thing??

Roy; “Yes, that is it!!!” 

Stan: “By inference, since you have used the term “good guys”, you are implying that the Canadians may be favoured at this time.  Given that this is an ISA event, could that remark not be considered somewhat selfish?”  (in he he style?)

Roy; with much laughter by all at the table: “I am thinking of the “raw material we have”, I am thinking of Stan McCormack who is 100% “raw material” so far!!!” (at that point the decibel meter went off the scale!!)  (I am now re-reading this article at 05:42 on Friday morning.  To permit readers to participate in the humor, I have to tell you that Stan has been fortunate enough to get this far without a loss!! My heavy end of the tournament begins to-day. I suffer from no delusions!!!!) Stan; “Thank you so much for that Roy Norman.”

Stan: I am now going to ask the Canadian Team Captain to make a comment on the tournament thus far. 

Max Tate; Captain of Canadian Men

Max Tate: “The tournament has gone very well Stan, and even though the Canadians had a very poor start ~ we are right in the thick of things now; I will not make a prediction as to the outcome ~~ BUT!!”

Stan; “THE SHUFFLER does not wish to be accused of sexual discrimination ~ so, we will now go to the Captain of the Canadian Women’s Team, Ruth Tate.”

Ruth Tate; Captain of the Canadian Ladies!

Ruth: “What I would like to say is that my Gals are doing a super job and we are number one as of Thursday night!!”

Stan: Thanks for that Ruth.  We also have at the table one of the players from Alberta, that fine province to the west ~~ somewhere west of Ontario but not quite to the Pacific ocean and while we are not too certain of our geography, we are certain that it is a fine place to live. 

It was Grace Lintz who first proposed the granting of Medals!!

Grace Lintz: Well, it is the best place to live, there is no question about that.  We are enjoying the tournament very much, we are enjoying Brazil and the many things they are showing us.  We had a beautiful tour yesterday ~~ up to see the Statute and Sugar Loaf Mountain and it is just a real enjoyable time.  We are working very hard and we want to “bring home the gold”!! 

Stan: Thanks so much for that Grace.  (Grace has been advocating the use of medals for the ISA ~~ an idea worthy of your support!!) 

Stan’s Note:  Do hope you got some enjoyment out of this article.  We had fun and do hope it is received in good taste!! ISA

American Men’s Team Captain Walt Wedel

shuffling provides an abundance of opportunities to sit around and truly enjoy each other’s company.  About the time we were winding up this little session, Walt Wedel, American Team Captain stopped by and made this observation:  “This is where we truly get to know each other; we have so little opportunity while competing in Florida.”  If you shuffle in Florida, why not think of some ideas to create this type of environment!!!!  Present them to your District President.

Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro Brazil.  2005 09 22.


                          MEN                   WOMEN


               WINS       LOSSES    WINS       LOSSES

 BRAZIL        31           72       22         81

CANADA         62           41       68         35

UNITED NATIONS 53           53 JAPAN 58         48

USA            64           44       62         46


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