36th ISA Report #9: The Friday Report From Niteroi, Rio, Brazil


Canadian Ladies Take 1st in Rio. 24th ISA

The 24th ISA is over and we have a new Team Champion in the Women’s Event!!! The Canadian Women performed admirably!!  At the early stages of this competition we had expectations that the Japanese Women’s Team would end up in 1st Place!!  Our attention then turned to the American Women’s Team as they showed their “stuff”!!  However; that was not to be!!  The Canadian Women captained by Ruth Tate persevered; they played their disciplined game and it paid off in the end!!  All team members are to be congratulated; all team members helped in this event; all team  members are celebrating their win graciously!! 

Can Men 1st Place at the 24th ISA in Brazil.

The Men’s event as I type this report ~~ 16:25 in the Auditorium as the 3 final matches take place, ARE TOO CLOSE TO CALL!!! Just the kind of International Event we hoped and dreamed  about.  As our Banquet and Awards Presentation is this evening, Saturday, I do not expect they will release the official results until the banquet.  What I can tell you is that the Men’s Championship for the 24th ISA Event will go to one of the countries sharing the North American Continent!!  Check THE SHSUFFLER either late Saturday night or early Sunday morning and we will let you know if that Nation is north or south of the 49th parallel!!   STAN IN RIO, ALF IN SARNIA 2005 09 24. 

Gracious Remarks by American Earl Ball.

CONGRATULATIONS CHAMPIONS!!You played well, you overcame, you persevered in the face of defeat, you showed your depth, you proved to be great competitors and I’m sure you will be Champions we can all be proud of.  Congratulations to the Canadian National Men’s and Women’s teams.

Earl Ball 2005 09 26 

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