From Moose Jaw SK Welcome Remarks by IP Chairperson Marlene Cowling

MeetNgreet Opening Remarks by Marlene Cowling, Chair CNSA 5th IP 2017 07 10.

Marlene Cowling

What a privilege it is to host the 5th Canadian National Shuffleboard Association Inter Provincial Tournament in Moose Jaw SK on the year of Canada’s 150th Birthday.

Over two years ago the Saskatchewan Shuffleboard Association Executive under the Presidency of Al Rathgeber voted unanimously to host the CNSA Inter Provincial in Moose Jaw SK.  We were accepted by the CNSA membership at the IP in Goderich to host the event. The CNSA Rules were to be enforced.

Moose Jaw has enough courts to host this very prestigious event. You will have noticed as you practised this afternoon the craftsmanship of the courts you played on.  This demonstrates to me the love and passion Moose Jaw has for the game of shuffleboard.  The courts of Moose Jaw will challenge even the very best shuffler.

While in Goderich playing for the SK Team I was elected by the SSA membership to take on the task as the CNSA Inter Provincial Chairperson.

The elected executive Al Rathgeber, Milly Molloy, Bob Cobbe, Pauline Budd, Stuart Anderson, Aime Archer and myself as the IP chairperson.  These are the shufflers who did the initial planning for the Inter Provincial, they have played a major role in this tournament.  These are the people who have given untiring volunteer hours to make this event a success. Thank you so much.

At those very early planning stages it was extremely evident that this was to be a truly SK event whether it was our Tournament Director (i.e. drawmaster), the Bagpiper, the Legion Canadian Flag Bearer, the Heritage Singers with the singing of O Canada, the guest speakers, the Jammers, the referees, the friendly faces of the volunteers from the Cosmo Centre and the T Eaton Center, the City of Moose Jaw, the sponsors, the SK Teams and those who filled in for other teams would all have a strong connection to Saskatchewan.  Everywhere you look you will see and remember Saskatchewan.  Again, thank you so much.

It was at a later date that Stuart Anderson left the executive and the executive elected Bob Lockwood.

However; Stuart who is a professional photographer is with us again and will be taking pictures during the tournament so keep on you best smile.

Because we are shuffling at two different venues I would like our Tournament Director Bob Riddell from Bigger SK to come forward to distribute the draw to the Team Captains.

I have been told that CNSA Loraine & Bill Pollock, Tournament Directors are nearing retirement. I am positive they would be more than pleased to have our SK Tournament Director Bob Riddell fill their shoes at the CNSA level.

Thank you to the SSA executive and the many volunteers for trusting me to act as your Tournament Chairperson.  

Good Luck to all the Participants and above all have fun. Let me now introduce Bob Riddell.

Submitted by Marlene Cowling 5th CNSA Inter Provincial Chairperson

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1 Response to From Moose Jaw SK Welcome Remarks by IP Chairperson Marlene Cowling

  1. Sandi Quinn says:

    Congratulations Marlene!! I have no doubt you are doing a wonderful job as Chairperson of this event. I hope it is a huge success! Good Luck to all my Canadian friends who will be participating!


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