Stan May Not Be in Moose Jaw?? But Glenna Does a Terrific Job Reporting!! Thanks so Very Much!!

Glenna and David Earle.

Jim and Rose Irwin

Glenna Earle Speaks: Well we had a very good trip to SK from Halifax yesterday. Thankfully our flights were on time which was imperative since we were making a connection in Ottawa with only 35 minutes to deplane and catch the one heading for Regina. All went well and the four of us arrived at our destination about 10:45A.M. local time. Rental car pick-up was simple so Jim & Rose Irwin together with David and I,  set off for Moose Jaw, host of the 5th IP tournament.

Canola outside of Moose Jaw.

Along the way the amazing topography of this land is always a shock because in NS we see hills and mountains everywhere but this area is so flat!! Rose has not visited here  before so she was quite surprised at the flat  fields and fields of grain and yellow canola plants as far as the eye could see….and that is many miles!
From the air we could see the beautiful yellow crop growing everywhere. (Click on pic to expand)
We found the Corbeils in the same Travel Lodge where we are staying and the 2 Dorothys from ON. So far those are the people we have seen.

Amazing Prarrie Scenery by Glenna. 5th IP

Went for a short ride after dinner last evening to take a look around. Found a spot where there was some hillier scenery with a river running along an embankment. Also you may see a suspension bridge in one of the photos. My husband, ever the engineer, spotted that immediately.
Today is the day we begin or week of renewing old friendships and registering for the tournament. Since that is not until afternoon we are going to see if we can find the “MOOSE” and then visit the tunnels where Al Capone ran his business many years ago.  Will try to keep you posted as events unfold! Submitted by Glenna Earle.

Here is a pic in front of our very modest motel but the church across the street is magnificent! It is a United Church which was built in 1912, then rededicated in 1966 after a fire. The sun is just rising over the roof of the motel.


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2 Responses to Stan May Not Be in Moose Jaw?? But Glenna Does a Terrific Job Reporting!! Thanks so Very Much!!

  1. Jim Allen says:

    Glenna should have been a journalist. Oh wait, she is……! While the IP is about shuffleboard, it sounds like meeting old friends is just as important. I think the competition and comradery both with be intense this week!


  2. Myrna Bilton says:

    Great to get the news …..thanks Glenna
    Have lots of fun..
    Happy shuffling


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