36th ISA Report #10: The Windup Banquet of the 24th ISA.


Windup Banquet. Brazilian Shufflers

Players arrived by 19:00 and took their places with fellow team members at assigned tables.  National flags identified the tables.  Bar service was available and until about 21:00, there was a constant chatter as players  mixed to discuss the event, to exchange views and to take a multitude of pix!!!  (Click on any pic to expand)

In Memorial to Shufflers Who Left Us in 2005

Michael opened the formal part of the evening by remembering all players who had died during the past year.  A table had been prepared; on the table had been placed 4 settings, one for each of the 4 participating nations; a glass of red wine had been poured at each setting; in the centre of the table was a single red rose; on the 4 plates were the names of the deceased players; the nationality of the plate had been identified by the placement of a player cap on the back of the chair.  It was tastefully done and Michael’s remarks dignified this section of the evening programme.  


Next: Stan McCormack came forward and invited the Japanese translator, the Portuguese translator, and Dolores Brown to come forward.  Stan then explained how the BLACKSTOCK PRAYER had come to be; the explanation was read by each of the 2 interpreters, and then line by line, beginning with English, the Blackstock Prayer was read.  The author of the prayer, Roy Norman had arranged to have the prayer translated into both Portuguese and Japanese and had earlier made available copies of the prayer to all who wished to receive same.  I believe it is fair to say that everyone was moved by this part of the programme.  Should you be reading this and would like to receive a copy of the prayer in digital format, just send along an e-mail to stanistheman_200@yahoo.com 

AWARDS TABLE, 2005. 24th ISA in Rio

From the nurse on duty to Tournament Director Rocky Briggs, all came forward to applause and received their award.  Three male players had completed the event with only 1 loss; they were Max Tate, Earl Ball and Jim Bailey.  Cecile Messier and Annette Hayse of the American Women’s team had the best win/loss record for the Women’s Division.  Next came the presentation of the Canadian Women’s Team captained by Ruth Tate.  Ruth gave a gracious acceptance speech on behalf of her team, taking the opportunity to insert some humour into her remarks.  Next came the presentation to the Canadian Men’s Team captained by Max Tate.  Max responded with humility, thanking his players, our Brazilian hosts and the other competitors.   Next came approximately one hour of “Carnival” music and dancing.  I believe that just about everyone was on the dance floor for a good part of that hour.  I was able to get some great pix as people did things they would ordinarily never dream of doing!!!  Indeed it was a great evening!!  A good time was had by all!! 

The 24th ISA Rio Event is over!! The 24th ISA Rio Event was a great success!! The Shufflers of the world extend to the organizers and the participants our sincere appreciation for a job well done!! From arrival to departure, everyone we came in contact with was eager to assist: ~~ the bus driver; the hotel staff; the employees of the AABB; and especially the Brasilian Players and those accompanying them. Their courtesy, their attention to our needs, made the entire event most enjoyable.
Thanks Brasilians!! Stan of THE SHUFFLER, 2005 09 27.

Stan ~~ still making my way over the Brazilian Rain Forest at about 9700 meters, proceeding north west at about 800 km per hour.. 


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3 Responses to 36th ISA Report #10: The Windup Banquet of the 24th ISA.

  1. stanistheman says:

    Reblogged this on Your Source for Shuffleboard News and commented:

    Great Report of the Windup Banquet, 2009, of the ISA Tournament, held in Niteroi, Brazil. Check it out!! Stan


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  3. Michael Zellner says:

    Hopefully we set a new standard for future hosts to follow. Many of those players are no longer with us and most definitely this was a lasting memory for them. Thank you Stan for bringing this event back to life.


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