5th CNSA IP in Moose Jaw. Glenna Earle Reports!! Great Coverage.

Glenna Earle Speaks: The fun has begun!

The Moose of Moose Jaw c/w Jet On Pedestal

This morning was free for us to do whatever we chose so we decided to look for the popular MOOSE of Moose Jaw. After several tries and asking a number of locals we finally stopped at the EMS station to ask directions. They were most helpful! With their explicit directions we finally found the Moose and the Tudor jet displayed in the same location. Will include a couple of pics. There was a Tim Horton’s and a Visitor’s Centre right next to us so off we went for Timmy’s coffee, and maybe a little something sweet!!!

Very very hot here so the A/C was welcome.
This afternoon we registered in the Cosmo Centre and tried the courts which are on the vinyl floor of a gym.  I have heard that the courts in Texas and Ariz are fast but I bet these would rival any speedy courts. Not one of us was able to slow our shots down enough to stay in the scoring area. If you sent the disk down very slowly it kept going and going first one direction, then another and sometimes off the board and back on!!! What a shock! We will be needing a few days to adjust. Not sure there is enough time to get the hang of it.
At the 2nd venue the courts were similar upstairs but a very different set of 7 courts downstairs, built of plywood and raised about 6″ above the floor. Vinyl covered once again and plenty of very slippery beads. Should be some great stories to tell you tomorrow!!!!!
This evening we went back to the Cosmo Centre for a lovely Meet and Greet where it is so much fun to see old friends and meet new ones as we all discussed the speed of the courts which seemed to surprise all of us, and how we might deal with them.
So…tomorrow AM will be the official opening and we will begin to play at 10:30 AM. Nova Scotia ladies will start off with a bang as we play the SK Executive team. Expect we shall be severely slaughtered but then, one never knows.
Stay tuned for the next episode of the SK adventure.
Submitted by Glenna Earle WITH THANKS!!!!  Stan 2017 07 11  (Click on any pic to expand).
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