Opening day at the 5th IP in Moose Jaw. 2017 07 11. by Glenna Earle

“Completed” NS Team.

Opening day at the 5th IP in Moose Jaw.

Weather a bit cooler today which made us much more comfortable.
We were at the Cosmo Centre at 8:30 AM ready to assemble our players for the parade into the Centre. NS was the first province going in since they lined us up from east to west. They forgot to get a flag for us but thankfully Rose had 2 small ones which we carried at the beginning and end of our line.
We had a wonderful Piper, Mr. Mitchell-also a town councillor,  who piped us into the Gym. Then a few welcoming remarks from an MLA and the mayor and Jim Corbeil.  A choir came in to lead us in the singing of O Canada. Since Moose Jaw has never hosted the games before, they are very proud, and rightly so, to have been able to do it on Canada’s 150th birthday.
Once all the details about rules and welcoming comments from Jim Corbeil, President of the CNSA, were given it was time to begin the games.
Now the fun really began and I do mean fun! If you didn’t laugh you might cry as the pathway these disks take is unbelievable!!  Sometimes they would go so far then turn and head back from whence they came. Other times they would travel all the way through the house and just before they cleared the back line, they would turn and make their way back into the scoring area…..maybe a kitchen, maybe a 7, or perhaps just off the side where they cleared the board altogether. Not really a game of skill so much as a guessing game about where your shot might land!!! No 2 shots landed in the same place.
In the first game I scored 2 disks in the whole 16 frames and my opponent scored one more than I did so she won the game. It was hard to keep the disks on the board.
We all decided that if this was the type of game we would be playing on a regular basis we might not be playing for long!!! Or else we would have to get much better at judging speed and drift.
Anyway, it was fun to keep trying. Sometimes we got lucky. We went back to our rooms where we all got together to commiserate and discuss the day’s events. Then off to dinner and back for a good night’s sleep so we can start all over again tomorrow. Can hardly wait to see what happens tomorrow, now that we are all practiced and ready to do battle.
Stay tuned!!!!  Glenna Earle.

Choir Leaving the Stage

Our Piper

   Legion Rep from Waterford NS

Rose and Jim Irwin of NS


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