Sebastian Celebrates The Anniversary of His Birth on July 13th!!

July 13th is Sebastian’s BIG DAY!! He and son Marius will be shuffling in Brazil for the 36th ISA. Wife Kerstin will be supporting both!! Happy Birthday Sebastian from Shufflers Around the World! Stan

The Celebration Is Over! The Adventure Begins

Selina, Freddy  MariusRunge selfie


On the right are Kerstin and Sebastian Runge!!  One of the two happy people, on the right, will celebrate their birthday on July 13th!!  That would be Sebastian, the proud father of the 3 young adults on the left >   Selina, Freddy and Marius. 

Freddy, Kerstin and SebastianMarius Runge I am now going to insert a pic of Kerstin, Sebastian and Freddy when we met them for the very first time, that was at the 25th ISA in Lakeside, OH in 2006.  (Pic on the left.)  The pic (on the left) of Marius was taken on the occasion of his very first participation in an International Event, that being in Midland, ON in 2007.  He was of course, a full member of the German Team.  His skills have improved immensely since then as have the accolades he has received for his distinguished performance as a world class shuffler.  (Click on pix to…

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2 Responses to Sebastian Celebrates The Anniversary of His Birth on July 13th!!

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Have a very HAPPY HEALTHY BIRTHDAY Sebastian and good luck in Brazil. Wish we would be seeing you but not this time,


  2. Myrna Bilton says:

    We met this lovely family in 2008 at Australia at an ISA Championship.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sebastian. May you be blessed with good health.
    See you in Brazil
    Love Myrna & Rendall


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