Earl Reports the Passing of a Dear Friend. May He RIP 2017 07 13.


I got word today that Lyle Tidd passed away.  Those of you that have been around for a while will remember Lyle.  Lyle liked everyone and everyone liked Lyle.  This time of year brings back fond memories; we used to load up the car with players and head to a summer tournament, be it New Smyrna Beach, Kissimmee, Sebring or any number of other locations.  In those days summer tournaments were 2 out of three 12 frame games main and consolation.  Some started at 8:00 and others at 9:00.  If you lost the 2nd match you sat and waited until everyone in the car was finished. Lyle was the newest player and sat a lot; he loved it!  He was out with the boys (some were girls) and was part of the cool shuffleboard scene.  When we were all finished we would sit on the tail gate of the old Van and drink a beer; Lyle was in 7th heaven.  How could life get any better; a beer and talking shuffleboard!

Lyle’s daughter called me this morning. He died after watching the Super Bowl, actually at 3:00am on February 6th; his wife Dottie dies 12 hours later at 3:00pm.

Stan, I’ve included 3 pictures.  One of Lyle and I at the Old Lakeland Courts in about 1999. LyleEarlLakeland20170713_15545590  Not many will remember the old Lakeland Courts.

One from Kissimmee and not many even know Kissimmee had courts.  LyleEarlKissemmee20170713_15590925

One from Betmar in 1999 when I won the Reiny and Lyle finished 7thLyleEarlBetmar20170713_16023793  I was a year ahead of Lyle.  I started the summer of ’97(actually Christmas ’95 but was still working) and Lyle started the summer of ’98.  I was way ahead of my class and scored many many points but I was and am most proud that I worked so hard to help Lyle make the Reiny.  I made 7 of the 13 points he earned with him.

Article submitted by Earl Ball WITH THANKS.  2017 07 13.

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