Glenna Earle Reports on Day 3 of the Canadian IP in Moose Jaw SK

Glenna Earle Speaks: Day 3 and we are back on the courts this AM. Thankfully we are in the basement of the T Eaton Centre where the courts are more to our liking.

I played a Hall of Famer from AZ and won a game!!! I was beginning to think this whole week was going to be a bust for me!

We played another game in the upstairs part of the same building and once again we were back on lightening courts which are not only fast as the luge but a shortened version of the standard length. Wha hoo! Another disaster for me. So far I think we are lucky we do not winter in the western resorts where speedy courts are the norm…although surely I would learn eventually. I noticed the court next to ours had a score at the end of 16 frames of 7 to 0 at the head and 7 to 0 at the foot, both games won by NS gals. Huge scores, right! We cannot keep the disks on the playing surface. They just roll away. Having trouble to keep them within the starting box!

This afternoon we NS players had a bye and had a chance to look around the downtown area of the city. It is a beautiful city with many very interesting attractions. Rose and I went to a Chocolate Moose store where there were lots of local products, many of which use the famous Saskatoon berries.
This evening we had what was called Saskatchewan night in the Seniors Centre. A meal of corn and hamburgers followed by Saskatoon berry pie made by one of the local businesses. It was lovely. The same company also makes Saskatoon berry champagne, as well as chocolates which we got to taste. All very delicious and of course, non fattening!!
There were entertainers who played music for us for about an hour and then we all left to wander back to our respective hotels. There is a beautiful city park directly behind our hotel and tonight as we made our way through there we heard more music playing in an amphitheater so off we went to listen. Another fabulous treat. A nice band played very pleasant easy listening tunes for the large crowd who gathered to appreciate the concert.
We are finally calling it a day. Rose and Jim went to the Casino but we are putting our feet up. We must prepare ourselves for 3 more games tomorrow.
Not sure of the standings so far but think NS is somewhere around the middle. AB & SK are the leaders I believe. Will get more details about that in the AM.

Thanks for tuning in all……. good night for now.   Glenna Earle

Mona, Lynn and Lorne Bell

Adelle and Frank Stokowski

Joan and Glenna in Moose Jaw

Music in the Park.



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1 Response to Glenna Earle Reports on Day 3 of the Canadian IP in Moose Jaw SK

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    Thanks for the “Great” coverage of the 5th IP Glenna…
    Makes us feel we are there having fun and eating the delicious food.
    Happy Shuffling and make new friendships
    Myrna & Rendall


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