Belding MI Tournament Results by Jerry Deren. 2017 07 13.

Reporter Deren

A big thank you to  all  the players coming to Belding today & so thankful we didn’t have any rain.  A beautiful day!  We had 30 players/15 teams. Sharon Olmstead was tournament director & did a wonderful job. Most of us were off the courts by 4:30 P.M.. The majority of the 30 players went to the local country club golf course for dinner.   NOTE: JERRY sent along great  pix! However; I (Stan McCormack) am “on the road”, AND the Motel we are now in does not permit me to upload pix.) Sorry about that.  Stan reporting on 2017 07 14.

                                          The Belding Tournament Results
                  Main                                                       Consolation
1st   Lloyd Schmidt & Jerry Deren                1st   Eva Mae Lake & Charles Busscher
2nd  Jim Cramton & Carl Olmstead                2nd   George Rosema & Jerry Rahl
3rd   Bob Kendall & Don Casselman              3rd   Tom Putham & Adriana Cramton
4th   Ron Jackson & Don Rood                      4th   Larry Roan & Marty McKendry
Congratulations players.
The Battle Creek Club is hosting the McCullough Chiropratic Tournament Monday, July 17th (18th is the rain date).
                                                        The State Tournament Schedule
 July 31st with the Amateur M/L singles, August 1 Pro M/L singles, August 2 Amateur any doubles, August 3 Pro M/L doubles.
 Amateurs can play in the Pro Tournaments.  Pros cannot play in Amateur Tournaments.
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2 Responses to Belding MI Tournament Results by Jerry Deren. 2017 07 13.

  1. Steve says:

    Where can I find more information about the Amateur Singles (Loacation / time)?


    • joe smetanka says:

      This is Joe Smetanka. I placed 3rd in the consolation at Belding. Your listed results are incorrect


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