Coming to an end yesterday was the Northern District’s SUMMER ROTATIONALS.

Coming to an end yesterday was the Northern District’s SUMMER ROTATIONALS.

Allen Dronsfield Speaks: Tavares hosted the last of the 15 weeks events. I’m not sure of the turnout, but it has been between 18 – 22 players both amateurs and pros. Outside of the twice a week practices at Tavares and Leesburg and three times a week for Inverness the northern district will pretty much be dormant until the season restarts in October. I would encourage all players wanting to stay on top of they’re games to consider going on down to the central district on Monday’s and Thursday’ to play they’re mingles-singles events. Registration closes at 9:00. The format is 8 – 12 frame games with lunch (Not Provided) after 4 games, except Zephyrhills, they play 6 – 12 frame games, 4 prior to lunch and 2 games after lunch.
The results are as follows;

Cheryl Cole in 1st.

1st. Cheryl Cole – Pro – Tavares
2nd. Dave Martin – Amateur – Tavares
3rd. Tom Allen – Amateur – Clermont
4th. Danny Richards – Amateur – Leesburg
5th. Ron Bodo – Amateur – Mid-Fl-Lakes
Allen Dronsfield reporting  2017 07 14.
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