Day 4 is quickly coming to a close by Glenna Earle in Moose Jaw SK. 5th Canadian IP.

Glenna Earle Speaks:  Day 4 is quickly coming to a close. It has been another very busy and exciting day on the courts. We from NS started out at the T Eaton centre for our 1st 2 games and fortunately I was lucky enough to get both. Our standings are not too bad considering all. When we started this AM we were in 3rd place following behind one of the Manitoba teams and a SK team. Will send along a pic of the tally sheets after the 6th round. We finished the 8th round by the end of the day today but I did not get over to see the results. You will have to wait until tomorrow to hear the final results!  (Stan speaks: The internet in our current Motel does not permit me to upload pix. Sorry about that. Have to wait until “tomorrow”. Thanks to Glenna for her great reporting.)
After the last game this afternoon we had the AGM which was very well attended.
There was plenty of discussion on a number of topics but we were able to sort out some of the more important details and the new by-laws were approved and adopted. We have a new HOF committee and will be choosing new representatives from each province to act as Directors on the board. The new by-laws will allow the Directors to vote on the executive but this will not go into effect until next year. In the meantime we will all be getting busy looking to elect a Director to act on behalf of all the provinces.
In addition to all the other things which were discussed at the meeting we had the pleasure of listening to Ken Wardley introduce the new appropriate logo for the next ISA which is to be held in High River, AB. The group there has done an enormous amount of work to present what looks to be a most comprehensive and exciting ISA in 2018. I bet we will have a long list of CDN applicants, which is wonderful!!
One more item covered on tonight’s agenda was the induction of Hall of Famers David Earle (player) and Ken Wardley (special award). Both men responded with great comments about their participation and desire to promote shuffleboard. Congratulations to both guys!!
A number of us made our way to the Casino for a bite to eat and to try our luck with the coupons we were given in our welcome package.
Each time we have gone somewhere else in this city we are more impressed with the friendly people and the beautiful architecture in the buildings. It is really a treat to walk along the wide streets and look at the sights along the way. The city pool is first class, the food establishments are fabulous (we have tried several). We found ourselves in 5th Avenue Collection building which is,  or was,  a Grand Hotel. The little glass gazebo outside is beautiful and the inside is remarkably stunning. Will include a couple of pics.
Tomorrow is our windup and the night of the final Banquet where the awards ceremony will take place. It has been an excellent week and we have found out that Moose Jaw is a great city to visit. Very clean and tidy. Hope some of you will visit here one day.
Glenna Earle  2017 07 13.
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