Glenna Earle Gives Us Her Final 5th IP Report from Moose Jaw. 2015 07 15.

All good things must come to an end and so must this fabulous week in Moose Jaw.
It has been a week of learning a little bit about extremely fast courts, meeting new friends, renewing prior friendships, visiting a city which has endless activities and things to explore, and the weather spectacular!
Our final day was a fun day with games being organized to try what they call Western rules. Many folks decided to take some or all of the day to explore the city and see as many things as possible.
David and I spent the afternoon just walking the length of the downtown Main St area, up one side and down the other stopping for gelato in the Chocolate Moose Fudge Factory then on to the Tunnels. We got tickets and took a tour under the city. One of the tours is the story about Al Capone and his rum running operations. The other was all about the immigration of the Chinese who lived and worked in deplorable conditions in the tunnels trying to earn enough to pay off their debts they incurred in order to come to Canada and find a better life. It must have been unspeakably dreadful in China to make them want to exist in such terrible conditions in Canada.
This evening we all made our way to the T Eaton Centre for the closing banquet. Jim Corbeil announced the dinner was about to be served and Carl Rogerson led us in a prayer prior to collecting our food from the buffet table.
Dinner was delicious- turkey, complete with dressing, mashed potatoes, veggies, gravy, cranberry sauce, cole slaw and rolls. Dessert was cherry or blueberry cheesecake.
Following the dinner Jim began the awards ceremony. Each of the winning teams came forward and Jim and I presented them with their medals. Pictures were taken which should be on the CNSA website soon, if not already.
Congratulations to all the very deserving winners.
There were 2 people who won all 8 games, Brian Bissillion and Diana Hillier.
Don’t know how they did that but think I shall have to approach them for lessons!
A great band played music for us,  but as with most other IP’s we have attended, many people seemed to disappear soon after the awards were presented. When most had left I actually got to sit in at the piano and jam with the guys which is always fun for me and it was kind of them to allow me the pleasure.
So tomorrow we head back to Regina and the long flight home to NS. We will probably do a lot of sleeping as we have worn ourselves out having so much fun.
Thanks to all for tuning in.
Signing off for this time.
Respectfully, Glenna Earle

1st MB Women: Carol Klem, Noreen Coates, Gina Bissillion, Eileen Hildebrand. Pic by Glenna Earle.

1st Place; MB Men. Peter Hildebrand, Jim Coates, Bill Piett, Brian Bissillion. Pic by Glenna Earle

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