George Darwin’s Wife Leaves Us. 2017 07 17.

George Darwin lost his wife, Vi (Viola), today. George got the call while we were playing a tournament today. She has been in a nursing home for several years and George went every day to feed her dinner; sometimes she knew him, sometimes not. Sometimes she recalled, she and George, going to dinner at John’s restaurant with shufflers Harriet Smith, Joan & Dick Cook, Bill & Vivienne McMillan, Lyle & Dottie Tidd and Vivian and I. We have fond memories and that’s what keeps Vi in our hearts. I talked to George and he said “she’s in a better place”, He’ll be OK.

Sent along by Earl Ball.  2017 07 18

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2 Responses to George Darwin’s Wife Leaves Us. 2017 07 17.

  1. Virginia Chandler says:

    So very sorry, but have to agree with George , “she is in a better place”. Loved helping this lady when George had his knee replaced, but hated seeing the pain she lived in daily. I learned a lot from this lovely lady.


  2. David and Dini Rushton says:

    George I was sorry to hear about your wife, I know you loved her very much and looked after her for a long time. She was a lucky woman to have a husband like you.All our love. David and Dini Rushton


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