Stu Cassell Reports on the 1st Pin Shuffle Tournament in St. Louis!!

Pin Shuffle in St Louis

On July 19th, the St. Louis Shuffleboard Club held their first Pin Shuffle Tournament, hosted by my wife and I  We first learned of the game while living in Avon Park, Florida.  

As a former activities director, I am used to staging events.  I took a few liberties with the traditional tournament rules, and incorporated several aspects of our experiences with the Avon Park and Sebring shufflers.
Some of this will be familiar to you,  some of it will not.  Everyone played just two games.  After the first match winners went into the “Main” and losers into the “Consolation.”  I declared multiple first and second place winners in each of those divisions.  In my Pin Shuffle tournament, the worst you could do was 2nd place, and everyone won a prize.


We brought enough gift wrapped prizes for everyone.  Some of the prizes were related to shuffleboard, like the “Shuffleboard For Dummies” I got permission from the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club to reproduce and distribute on CD’s.  Other prizes were gag gifts.  Sal Paez won a can of chili with beans and coincidentally his wife Louise won a “fart extinguisher.”

Remembering the Sunday shuffleboard games in Avon Park that were followed by informal ice cream socials, we brought a cooler filled with ice cream bars for our competitors.
Even though it was one of the hottest days this summer in St. Louis, we were protected by the 60 foot trees that surround the outdoor courts at Des Peres Park where we play.  Club President Glen Vanmatre brought a cooler with iced bottled water so we could all stay hydrated.
It was a fun event and nostalgic for my wife Rose and I.  My thanks to John Bushee who was my unofficial consultant when I put together the rules.
Stu Cassell.   2017 07 20 .  Stan speaks: Thanks so very much Stu!!
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