David Earle Inducted Into the CNSA HOF at Moose Jaw on 2017 07 14.

David Earle INTO CNSA HOF. 2017 07 14 in Moose Jaw.

David Earle was inducted into the CNSA Hall Of Fame by CNSA President Jim Corbeil.

Jim Corbeil, Glenna Earle and David Earle in the pic at top. 
David was born in Bishop’s Falls, Newfoundland. Dave went to university in Nova Scotia. He is a Chemical Engineer and has a Masters of Business Administration.
David met his partner Glenna while at Acadia University and they married in 1967 (no children).
After a career in the Canadian Military engineers and the Construction branch of the Federal Government, David retired to Nova Scotia and Florida.
David started playing shuffleboard 16 years ago in Florida. David was hooked in a very short time and started playing in local area tournaments and in the Florida Shuffleboard Association’s Central District, as well as some State Tournament. He soon made pro status and went on to become a Florida State Hall of Famer.
David was secretary of the International Shuffleboard association for a year. He played in several international single and team events. In 2008 in Australia he took gold in the Team event. In 2010 he went 10 and 0 in the team tournament in Germany. In 2011 in Dieppe he was in the top 10 in the men’s singles event. In 2013 in Norway he was in the top 8 in the men’s singles event.
David has attended several Inaugurals, the latest in 2014 he was a tournament director at the Inaugural in England. In 2015 he was assistant Tournament Director in Clearwater,
Florida, ISA tournament. David has attended several interprovincial tournaments. He captained the first Newfoundland Team to a second place finish at the Dieppe NB Interprovincial. He had the best individual record playing for Nova Scotia Team at
Coldwater Interprovincial. David was also a strong contender at the Goderich Interprovincial.
David and Glenna started the Saltwater Club in Nova Scotia and are currently its co-president. He has also help start clubs in Pugwash, NS and Claire, NS and
encouraged the PEI Club in their efforts to get funding. David has been a key organizer for shuffleboard at several Nova  Scotia 55 plus Games.
David was tournament director for the Canada Senior Games in Sydney, NS and he also provided all the necessary equipment from the Salt Water Club to accommodate this Canadian Event. David and Glenna have conducted several shuffleboard events at
the NS Senior Games.
David is a Great Shuffleboard Player ,Director and Ambassador for the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association.
It is my honour to induct David Earle to the CNSA Hall of Fame in the player category.
James Corbeil President, CNSA

Posted 2017 07 22.

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1 Response to David Earle Inducted Into the CNSA HOF at Moose Jaw on 2017 07 14.

  1. Earl Ball says:

    Congratulations David!
    I’m proud of you and I’m sure all of Zephyrhills is too.


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