The Event Taking Place in Brazil Is A Singles Event!! 2017 07 24

ISA President Joe Messier Presents the “Original” Singles Trophy.

Nancy Chaffin and Bill Visser taking 1st Place!!

If I told you the first International World Event took place in  Arizona in 2004, some of you would be surprised!!!  Here is the proof; above are pix of ISA President Messier and the Winners!! Below is my report from the 2004 Event!!  

IN ADDITION TO the normal ISA Annual Event, and taking place at the same time, we have “THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL SINGLES” TOURNAMENT.
212 players have registered for this event. They have team T-Shirts, and caps. In many ways they are indistinguishable from the “primary event players”. One significant difference is that they are competing for approximately $7,000.00 in prize money while the “primary players” are competing for “pride of country”!!
The combined groups made for a significant audience at the opening this morning. In attendance were both the Mayor of Mesa and the Mayor of Apache Junction. An orchestra played the national anthems of each country and the flag of that nation was presented during the playing. For many it was a stirring and emotional part of the programme.
ACTION ON THE COURTS BEGINS AT 13:00 hrs. Stay tuned; we will report both on Wins for the day by Nation and a “special late night edition” report on our “Get Acquainted Party”!!
Re the party: A very enjoyable dinner; good company and entertainment from Mexico ~~ a young dance group lightened our spirits and ended what was a very full day.
This item first published in The Shuffler in March of 2004.
Stan McCormack, 2017 07 24.

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