Past President Michael Zellner Shares some Personal Thoughts!!

Luiz and Michael, both in the ISA Hall of Fame.

Brazil’s (Michael’s) first two Courts!!

Michael Speaks:  When I arrived back in Brazil Dr. Luiz Pimentel met me with a huge hug at the airport. Many memories came rushing back. The first shuffleboard court constructed in country in 1994. Taking my first team to the World Championship in 1996.

Brazil hosted an inaugural in 2002 and in 2005, we hosted our first World Championship!

Now I return to, together with the past president, assist the 3rd and current president of Brazil in hosting the 2017 world championship.

Stan speaks: I am sure the Brazilian Organization will be overjoyed to have Michael participating in the 36th ISA World Championship!!  We invite Michael to share some of the fine “moments” with fellow Brazilians.   Pic above is of Michael, 1st BR President; Luiz, 2nd BR President and Bernar, the current serving BR President.  

Posted 2017 07 25.


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2 Responses to Past President Michael Zellner Shares some Personal Thoughts!!

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Good evening Stan, Michael reporting in. Today is Tuesday July 25 th, 2017 and Day 2 of the 36th ISA World Championship. The Brazilian team and host are doing so well and in fact have (Imbo Borges) the only undefeated player at this point with 7:7 victories. In Group A, in addition to Imbo Borges who is leading all the Men in the tournament we have Paulo Pavao tied for 3rd place and in Group B Hernani Barcellos is tied for 3rd place. In Group D we gave Marcos Cardoso tied for 1st Place at 5:7 victories. In the Ladies Division the only female champion participating Fatima Alves is giving the first place candidate a run for her money by firmly holding on with her tie for second place. Our special needs entry competing in his wheel chair, Rogerio Barboso won a decisive and his first match if the tournament in the late morning. All in all I’m quite proud of each and every one of them. And now time for a good nights rest and then up and at it early tomorrow morning for the next rounds. Michael

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  2. stanistheman says:

    Michael: I am going to post.  Before you get to bed, who is Imbo Borges?  Any info would be appreciated. Stan


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