36th ISA Report From Glenn Monroe as of the end of Round 14.

WE NOW GIVE YOU THE STANDINGS AS OF ROUND 14:  Sent along by TD Glenn Monroe. Mens Round 14        Womens Round 14

Jonathan Schnapp, Michael Hirsch, Bob Smith and

Dr. Bob said this: Shown with Marius Runge of Germany.

Golden Cue Presented by Allen R Shuffleboard.

Michael Hirsch Said This: “Well I managed to go 2-1 today in round 2 of group play, and made it to the Final Four! Congratulations to Jonathan Schnapp, Bob Smith, and Stefan Stadtmuller for also making it! We will play tomorrow for the golden cue!  (CLICK ON any  PIC TO EXPAND)

Bob Jones said this: Day 3. Round one is complete. My friend Marius from Germany, as well as Michael Hirsch from team LKSD and myself have earned a spot in tomorrow’s sweet 16. Can’t wait to get it on.

Jim Allen Said This: The Golden Cues will be awarded tomorrow night in Brazil at the World Championships. Did I mention I made the round of 16 yet….?  Just you wait…

Stan’s Note: Looking for similar pix for the WOMEN??  2017 07 27.  Going to be a Great Day Tomorrow!!  Stan.

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