CD Mingles/Singles held at Zephyrhills!! 2017 07 27

Earl, Marion, George, Kay and Dean!!

ZSC Wins Pro & Amateur Championships
The Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club showed off its power by winning the Pro & Amateur Championships in the Mingles/Singles Tournament held at the Zephyrhills Club on Thursday, July 27th.
Earl Ball lead the way by winning all six matches but two other players also won all six but couldn’t match Ball’s point total. Marion Lohbusch, one of the women’s all-time great players and Balls Amateur Championship partner 20 years ago, traveled from Leesburg and 92 year old George Darwin of ZSC were the other two who were undefeated. To quote George “The Old Guy Still Has It.” Kay Cramblit of Sebring placed 4th; her 1st time in the money for a summer tournament. The young guy Dean Myklejord, age 64. Of the Lakeland Club got the final money spot finishing 5th.

Denny Wallin

The Amateur Division Championship was won by Denny Wallin, ZSC. He won 5 of his 6 matches; losing only the last game before lunch. He did have to scramble in the last match which was very hotly contested.  Click on pic to expand.

Sent Along By Earl Ball WITH THANKS!!  Stan 2017 07 27.

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