Moose Jaw Singles Shuffleboard Report and Winners – 2017 by Milly Molloy

Moose Jaw Singles Shuffleboard Report and Winners – 2017.  Report and Pix sent along by Milly Molloy WITH THANKS!! 

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The SSA held another successful singles tournament July 17 to 20th in Moose Jaw, Sask, following a successful and fun filled IP. 68 shufflers attended from across the provinces and 2 from the USA. The President, Aime Archer, conducted the opening ceremonies. The sisters Milly, Jane and Shirley lead the singing of “O Canada” and Earl Berard said the opening Prayer.
The rules were given by President Aime Archer followed by the Moose Jaw Mayor, Fraser Tolmie, who after welcoming everyone to Moose Jaw, tossed the opening disk.

A banquet of roast beef and yorkshire pudding with all the fixing was well recieved by 75 hungry and happy shufflers at the Eaton’s Senior Centre. The annual meeting was held after the banquet with Director Bob Lockwood saying very nice thank you’s and appreciation to all the SSA board for all the work they did to make the IP a successful event. He also conducted the nominations of the new board of directors. Aime Archer will stand for Past President, Al Rathgeber is retired, Milly Molloy, Bob Cobbe and Pauline Budd let their names stand, Bob Lockwood resigned, and three new directors were elected. Earl Berard, Ione Berard, Shirley Campbell (who has since withdrawn due to health). An SSA meeting will be held to elect positions from this board and elect a new director.
Shuffling continued with the winners as follows:

We are proud to announce the oldest man, Arnold Empey, from Red Deer, AB – in his 90’s, won first in the first event and was happy and emotional to hold the winner trophy. BE SURE TO CLICK ON ANY PIC YOU WOULD LIKE TO EXPAND. 



Winners – ‘A’ Event:

First – Arnold Empey, AB, Second – Bob Beler, AB, Third – Sheryl Doell, AB,  Fourth – Merrill Miller, SK 

B Jim Klassen, SK, Second – Earl Doell, AB, Third – Lois Krell, AB,
Fourth – Richard Harrison, SK








‘C’ Event: First – Jane McWillie, AB, Second – Gordon Potter, AB, Third – Bob Street, SK,
Fourth – Judy Kummer, Wyoming USA

‘D’ Event: First – Keith Rotariu, SK, Second – Bob Lockwood, SK, Third – Marie Empey, AB,
Fourth – Kenda Tucker, AB





On another note: SSA held their after tournament meeting and have elected Wayne Draper to the Board of Directors. All 7 executives are from Moose Jaw, Sask.
Pix, Results and Comments sent along by Milly Molloy. Rx and posted on 2017 07 27. Posted by Stan McCormack.











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