The President of Norway Shuffleboard Will Be Supporting Olav and Ellen!!

The Flatlands and the Hanssons

Hallvard Flatland Speaks From Norway:  It´s very impressing to see what Olav and Ellen are doing at the Championship!  We are so proud of them!

Stan speaks: And indeed the President of the Norwegian Association has every right to be “impressed”!! Olav and  Ellen are the only shufflers representing Norway.  Ellen finished in 1st place in  Group G, Round 2; and Olav, 2nd in Group G, Round 14.  Norway and the entire Shuffleboard World will be watching tomorrow!!     

Olav, 2nd from left. Ski Champ.

Hallvard: However; it is not the first time the “whole world” will have been watching Olav.  As you might know Olav, at one time, was one of the best ski jumpers in the world!
He won gold-medal at the team event during the World Championship in Oslo in 1982.
On the pic to the left, Olav is 2nd from the left. Click on pic to expand.  Best regards,  Hallvard. 2017 07 27.

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