An Example of The Difference, One Couple Can Make!!!


The Smiths, Ed and Ella Support Shuffleboard!!

Ella Smith 1st VP of the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club, is an excellent promoter of Shuffleboard and  especially for the Coldwater Club.  Click to see her latest promotion!! Coldwater Shuffleboard CNSA 2017 18,19, 20 Results Packet Press Release by Ella
Ella arranged to have reporters and TV news videographers at the recent CNSA Doubles Tournament that was held in Coldwater and most recently, the article from the Orillia Packet and Times.  (see article by clicking on link above.)
Ella and her husband Ed are always working in support of the Club and Ella takes ownership of organizing the after shuffle treats that are so popular with the members. After three games of scrambles play, the members gather in the clubhouse for fellowship and story telling.  Ella and Ed spend the winter months in Panama City FL where Ella organizes the Shuffleboard at their Condo. She even brings her own disc polisher down from Orillia just to make sure the discs are in top condition in their Club.
The success of shuffleboard clubs wherever they may be, rely on people just like Ed and Ella to keep their members happy and have them want to return each week.

Article sent along by Gary Pipher with THANKS!!  2017 07 29.

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1 Response to An Example of The Difference, One Couple Can Make!!!

  1. Maureen Bryan says:

    Very nice words for a very nice couple. Yes , each club would be successful with promoters like these people, keep up the great work, your facility is one of the best. Elora ( Centre Wellington) club congratulates you all for all your efforts. Have fun and keep on shuffling.


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