Stan Apologizes To Readers of The Shuffler.

Statute of Christ The Redeemer overlooking Rio de Janeiro.  Pix sent along by Michael Zellner. Michael’s Remarks: “Never forget. He’s always watching over us.”

Many followers of the SHUFFLER, my estimate would be most, are not on Facebook.   This past week, many of the shufflers in Brazil have posted pix  on Facebook, pix of the sites on their travel days as well as pix of individuals.   It follows that those of you who do not follow Facebook, do not get to see same.

Before the 36th began, I believed I had made arrangements to receive pix AND NARRATIVES on a daily basis.  My expectations were not met and accordingly my coverage to the 36th did not meet my standard.  My apologies.

I did receive from TD Glenn Monroe, regular updates as to the Results and I thank Glenn for this essential information.  Jim Allen sent along an entry; thank you Jim.  Past President Michael Zellner sent along several; my thanks to him.

Stan McCormack. 2017 07 31.



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1 Response to Stan Apologizes To Readers of The Shuffler.

  1. stan bober says:

    Stan, for what info you received, you did a great job of keeping us up on the latest in Rio.
    Thanks to those that sent you information that allowed you to do so!


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