65 Years on August 2nd!! A Most Significant Milestone!!

Al and Marie Shuffling; Is there another activity??

Al and Marie Weeks were married on Aug 2nd 1952 in Brussels ON beneath a flower arch, on the lawn of Marie’s  parent’s home. They were driven around the village in a Brussels Creamery truck. It was a small wedding with few friends, mostly relatives. The happy couple then left by car for the West that evening, getting as far as Flint MI.  Shufflers; that makes it 63 years on 2015 08 02!! Shuffleboard NOT ONLY keeps you active, it keeps you TOGETHER!!
Pic at top is of Al and Marie on the occasion of the 4th CNSA IP (Inter Provincial) tournament hosted by the Goderich Shuffleboard Club, Al Weeks President.   Both Al and Marie were members of the Organizing Committee for this significant event.  Black and White pic is, of course, Al and Marie on their wedding day!!!  If you would like to read a bit about Al and Marie, enter the words Al Weeks into the search rectangle and hit search.

The Weeks hosted the 18th ISA in Goderich in 1998.  Reports clearly indicate that this was a Most Successful Event. Roy Norman, then serving as CNSA President, gives the credit to the Weeks!!  Al was serving as the Club President.  Pic Japanese Women’s Team 1997 & 1998 Rosters  At that time, each Team was made up of 12 Shufflers; 12 Men and 12 Women.  In 1998, Canada, USA, Japan, Australia and Zimbabwe competed.  Social activity included a Corn Roast on the farm of Shirley and Gerald Dostow.  Roy Norman sites the hosting of the ISA event at Goderich as an occasion where bonds of friendship were

Michael holding Gabriel, & His Father

Shirley & Gerald Dustow

formed, making particular note of the “wonderful evening at the Dustow farm” on the occasion of the windup party to the Goderich ISA Event; an event which Roy says: “brought sheer delight to the faces of our good friends the Japanese.  Another milestone of this event was the attendance of 3 members of the same family, the Zellner Family!!  (Pic scanned from the ISA Booklet, as was the pic of the Japanese Women.  Explains the quality.) Click on any pic to expand.

Sincere Congratulations to Al and Marie on this significant milestone!!

Stan McCormack. 2017 08 01.

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1 Response to 65 Years on August 2nd!! A Most Significant Milestone!!

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Wow, That’s the 3 generations of Zellner. Gabriel the baby is now 20 and a freshman at Lynn University in Boca Raton studying forensic sciences. As a member of the Brazilian Team in Midland he and the team were awarded a Bronze medal. Congrats Al and Marie. You’ve been married longer than I’ve been alive.


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