Glenna Earle Reports From the Saltwater Shuffleboard Club in NS

Saltwater Shuffleboard Club of Nova Scotia

Glenna Earle Speaks: Today was a special day at the Saltwater Shuffleboard Club as we had one of only 2 Singles/Mingles tournaments for the season.

Glenna: We had 32 players participate and although the numbers were down a bit we could forgive some of our loyal players for being away today. There has been a real flurry of activity in Halifax this past 5 days with the “TALL SHIPS” visiting our Harbour. Many 1000’s of people have taken the opportunity to go down to the waterfront and see these magnificent ships and board them to take a 1st-hand look. It is amazing how they manage to ply the waters with the barest of equipment compared with the high-tech instruments used today.
Also together with all that going on, there have been many entertainers in the waterfront area as well. CBC radio has maintained a tent at the site and have been broadcasting daily from there. Sat night Natalie MacMaster and her family performed with Symphony NS which was extremely well received.  And if you have never heard of the fiddling champion, Natalie, and her brood, you ought to google them. She & husband Donal from Cape Breton have 6 little children under the age of 13, I believe, and they are all fiddlers and step dancers. They have entertained everywhere including Little Big Shots”, a popular TV program.
So as you can tell we were not surprised when we had only 32 players today.

Our TD for the day was Doug Stockman, with some help from David Earle and Jim Irwin.
Doug always does a fabulous job of getting us all organized and moving the games along.
The successful winners today are in a picture below from left to right.

1st place – Frank Dennis
2nd – Charlotte MacInnis
3rd – Pat Tracey
4th – Jack Hatt
5th – Pat Stockman

As you can tell by the smiles, they were very happy with their winnings. We paid 18 places and therefore more than 1/2 were winners, although I will not name all of them.
Included are a couple of pictures of the group earlier in the season.
We have a wonderful group of people who collectively make up the best club ever!!!  Thanks to all for a very successful and fun day!
Submitted by Glenna Earle.  2017 08 01.

Thanks so much Glenna for ANOTHER excellent report.  Stan



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