Get down to this shuffleboard pop-up before it slides away…London England!!

It Works For Them!!

If you think that shuffleboard sounds like another bizarre, semi-antiquated sport that’s about to be given a hipster makeover at a quirky pop-up – you’d be 100 percent correct!
Shuffleboard involves pushing (not pelting – this is a gentle sport) discs along a lane, with the aim being to land your disc (also called a biscuit) into the highest scoring part of a triangular grid at the other end. Imagine a way, way less frenetic version of, say, hockey, with bits of boule and curling thrown in – or rather, delicately nudged in.
Clearly, it’s a low-energy sport, and thus can be played with a drink in hand. Perhaps this explains its popularity on cruise ships over the years, and also its recent resurgence in Brooklyn and Miami.
As ever, what’s good enough for US trendsetting cities is damn well good enough for us, too, which is why the London Shuffle Club Summer opened last month at The Yard, in (of course) Shoreditch. If you haven’t paid it a visit yet, you really should do soon, as the pop-up venue closes in September.
There are six indoor courts and two 22ft shuffleboard tables for you to master the art of biscuit-manoeuvring, and you can even stock up on pizza, cocktails, beer and wine as you’re playing. Sounds like our kind of sport.
The crew behind it are looking to open a permanent shuffleboard London site by the end of the year, but for now, the leisurely fun will come to a close on September 9.
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