MI State Pro Singles Tournament by Jerry Deren! 2017 08 01

Marti Noble; 1st Ladies Main

On Monday, July 31st, We had 13 ladies & 25 men today @ Battle Creek, MI @ the singles tourney . The weather was ~ 85 degrees; low
humidity with a slight breeze. The format was 8 frames
yellow keep score & change color to black & that was a

Tuesday, Tuesday, August 1st  is pro singles & amatuers can play in this tourney.
We are having our 1st induction of MSA HOF members @ 8:30
A.M. tomorrow. I will have names & pics tomorrow.
Ann Wedel was our tournament director with the assistance
      of MarcIa Clark & Jerry DerenCLICK ON PIC TO EXPAND.

main     men                           consolation   men

Men (Main)


1st      Ron Dawson                Larry Roan
2nd     Jim Miller                     Gene Tomlinson
3rd      Ron Nurberger             Tom Putman
4th      Carl Olmstead               Don Rood

main      woman                       consolation   woman

Women, Main

1st      Marti Noble                    Allie Enos
2nd     Carol Healey                   Cheryl Putman
3rd      Adriana Cramton            Shirley McCullough
4th      Janet Casselman            Cindy Shidler


Sent along by Jerry Deren WITH THANKS!!  2017 08 01.  NOTE: Hall of Fame Inductions also took place.  We will cover those in a separate posting.  Stan



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