Harold Thorne Comments on the 36th ISA Championship!!

Darrell Stuart; Debbie Stuart; Doris Hanke and Harold Thorne. The Hendersonville Contingent!!

Harold Thorne Speaks: We regret that you did not receive many reports from Brazil, but we ran such a busy schedule that there was no spare time.  Up in the morning at 6 am for breakfast, bussed to the college to play.  No good Wi-Fi at the college.  Then, bussed to dinner and bussed back to the hotel.  Caught some sleep and did it all over again.

We did have some great tours at the end, two long days.  We were not allowed to go out on the town except in large groups, and there really was not much time.

The camaraderie among the players and family members was fantastic like it usually is at ISA events.  For Darrell and Debby Stuart, this was their first event and they surely enjoyed meeting the rest of this shuffleboard family.

The Brazil planning group and the many volunteers did a great job and need to be recognized for a job well done.

The real reason you did not receive stories might have been that one of our foursome said “What happens in Brazil stays in Brazil.”😇  Sent along by Harold Thorne WITH THANKS. Stan McCormack. 2017 08 03.  Click on any pic to expand.  No pic of Top 10 Women?????

Top 10 Men 36th ISA

Michael Hirsch in 1st on the left; Stefan Stadtmuller took 2nd. Men’s Singles

Fatima Alves takes 2nd. No pic of 1st place, Ellen Hansson.

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