Message from Stan Bober, Webmaster for the WCD of the FSA.

Stan Bober Speaks:   The top left side statement on our Home Page says it all.

We tried having the Mingle Singles at Ranch Mobile after Pinellas Park opened for open shuffling but we only had 6 shufflers show up and 5 of them were Ranch Mobile residents!

It was so hot with the temps in the 90’s with the “Heat Index” 100 – 110 degrees that ending our endeavors was for the best. Pinellas Park has a cooler roofed – open air court and they are much better suited for this kind of relentless heat!

Linda Keen does a super job hosting the open shuffling also. Pinellas Park is a great shuffleboard platform and senior center and Betty and I are so grateful to be members.

I’ll start sending you our West Coast results come the end of September.

Stan Bober
WCD Webmaster  2017 08 04


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