More from MI State Shuffleboard by Jerry Deren!! Shufflers Honored.

Jerry Deren has been working OVERTIME for the Michigan State Shuffleboard Assn.

With so much action in MI this summer, it has been difficult for me to keep on top of the changing situation.  To see the article wherein we presented the first 4  shufflers to be inducted, click:     And now I give you more:  Congrats; and ENJOY.  Click on any pic to expand. Thanks to Jerry Deren.

Carl and Sharon Olmstead, MI HOF; Belding MI


Dennis Anderson, MI HOF. Albion, MI

Don Hair, MI HOF. Mt Pleasant, MI

Elmer Heisler; MI HOF Albion MI









I am now going to post a summary of all of the Special Awards:  Here are the 2017 MSA HOF’S:  under SPECIAL AWARDS

Albion club:   Dennis Anderson, Joyce Maksimthuk, Elmer Heisler, &
Richard Stimer
Holland club: George Roesema, Russ & Jean Goeman, & Gordon
MT. Pleasant: Bob Bates,Don Hair, Jerry Jones, & Ward Dowell
Coldwater:      Marion Siegler, Ken , Virginia , & Ken Worden,
Don & Janet Casselman
Belding:          Carl & Sharon Olmstead, & Bob Kendall
Caro:              Bonnie Walker,Don Rood,Dwayne Cross, Betty
Downing, Leatha Wisebach, & Gene & Shirley
Battle Creek:   Walt & Ann Wedel, Earl & Dona Dunn, Vern Curtis,
Jim Miller, Jerry Deren, Larry Roan, & Ken Taylor

Gene & Shirley McCullough. MI HOF

John Braniff, MI HOF. Bloomingdale MI

Richard Stimer, MI HOF
Potterville, MI

George Roesema, MI HOF. Holland MI

Barbara Warden Accepts the Award for late husband Ken Warden

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